Variable Processing: Potentially the Lowest Fees

Variable processing plans, also called "Cost Plus" plans, give you the actually processing costs that the exchanges (ie Visa and Mastercard), plus a small, fixed dealer percentage from us. There may also be monthly statement or per-transaction fees, depending upon your processing volume and other factors. This gives you the potential for the lowest costs in the industry, provided that you know your clientelle. If your clients primarily use standard debit cards or basic credit cards, this could work out great for you. However, if your clients use a lot of rewards- or points-based credit cards, your rate will be higher. Those "free perks" are actually paid by the merchant in the processing fees. So, while a basic card may cost you between 1.5 - 2.5% to run, a rewards card may be 4 - 6%, or even higher!

This type of plan is great for merchants who know their clients well, and can monitor their processing statements regularly to be sure that they understand their fees. Some merchants get great rates with this type of plan, while others would benefit from a flat-rate plan.

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