Meet the Watkins

The Watkins FamilyWe are the Watkins Family! We love to help people. We are passionate about helping small businesses find solutions for their 'missing pieces.' Whether it is helping you design your logo, or build a website, or do the paperwork -- or more, we are here to help. 

When we are not busy helping small businesses, we love to go explore God's Creation and play games like Risk, Phase 10, or Hand & Foot. We love our church and are preparing to plant a brand new church in Los Molinos, California. 

Watkins Solutions is our family business. It helps us teach our kids about business and money, and supports our ministry work. We are real people who love to help other real people fill in the missing pieces to help start or grow their own small business.

Jared Watkins has been helping businesses succeed since 1999.

Jared & Krysta Watkins