0% Processing: Your Ticket to Avoiding Fees

0% processing plans, also called "Cash Discount" plans, lower your effective processing fee to zero, by passing the cost on to your customer. These plans generally have no monthly or other fees, so you, as the merchant, see 100% of your funds deposited. When your customer pays with a credit card, your terminal or point of sale system will automatically charge them a convenience fee (normally around 4%); but when paying with cash or check, etc., that fee is removed.

This type of plan is great for merchants who accept credit cards as a convenience, merchants who offer low-margin or discounted merchandise, or merchants who work with a high-end clientelle who expect the fees in their line of business. It is popular among restaurants, where the fee is minimal in comparison with higher itemized hospitality taxes and tips on the receipt. It is also liked among merchants who provide luxury services or events, like hunting and fishing lodges.

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